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You can now get all your car accessories and parts at one place in Singapore! We stock useful products such as Inverters, Antennas, GPS Trackers, Amplifiers, SPY Alarms, Portable Powerbanks, Roofmount Monitors and many more. So whether you’re looking to install in-car entertainment system/s or add top-quality accessories to your car/s, we are just the right place to turn to, for our excellent as well as authentic spare car parts.

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We also offer advanced car accessories such as car spy alarms, which keep your car safe from thefts. This spy alarm offers reliable, user-friendly interface to users and specializes in voice warning and remote starters among others. We also offer car soundproofing, which ensures superior sound absorption for a quieter drive. In addition to offering excellent reduction in heat, our soundproofing also suppresses vibration for efficient noise dampening. Our soundproofing systems are long-lasting; assure high-quality and resilience.